What is a Celebrity?

Celebrity is a person who achieves wide public recognition and fame as a result of being well known in areas of entertainment such as films, music, writing, and sport. A celebrity is often a role model to others. Some celebrities have become so famous that they have a positive effect on the public's opinion of them while other people achieve fame as a result of doing something wrong and thus have a negative effect on the public. The opposite of a celebrity is an unknown.It is common for a celebrity to endorse various products such as clothes, cars and food. This is a way for them to promote their brand and increase their income. There are also celebrities that have gone on to become business leaders in their industry by leveraging their fame into building their own companies.Those that are a part of a reality television show often become celebrities by simply showing up to film their episodes and being recognized by the cast, crew and viewers. This is a form of instant celebrity and has helped boost the popularity of these shows.People in the entertainment industry who are a part of this celebrity culture often become famous for their acting, singing and dancing skills. Some are known for their beauty while others are a favorite because of their intelligence or humorous qualities. It is also possible for athletes to become celebrities by winning a specific event or being a part of a successful sports team.Some people may become a celebrity by simply having a very large social media following. This is called the cult of the personality and has been the topic of many academic studies. The Frankfurt school scholars Horkheimer and Adorno analyzed this phenomenon by examining Hollywood and how it created stars.If a famous person shows up at a senior center where they are being recognized it will likely be an embarrassing experience for the citizens there. If a person is famous, but not a celebrity they will typically be treated normally. The person who is not a celebrity will probably be asked to leave after a certain amount of time has passed or at the request of security staff. This is why it is important for those who want to be considered a celebrity to manage their personal and social media accounts appropriately. This will prevent them from being approached by those seeking to take advantage of them. They will also need to be mindful of their clothing choices when out in public so they do not inadvertently draw attention to themselves as someone who may have a mental health issue. This includes being careful about what they wear to the gym and when out running errands or shopping at a mall. This is especially true for those with a lot of fans. This is why a lot of these celebrities have agents to handle their daily appearances. This can be an invaluable asset to them.