The Effects of Celebrity on a Culture of Society

A celebrity is someone who has a great deal of fame in the world. Fame can be gained from a lot of things including writing important books, winning a Nobel Prize or being an excellent sportsman. Famous people are often admired and adored by the general public. Some celebrities are good role models for the average person and some of them can be very helpful in promoting noble ideas like ethical values or moral norms. Some celebrities even support different environmental and social programs. However, there are some negative effects of celebrities on a culture of society. Celebrities often have a great deal of wealth due to their fame in the world. They might receive huge fees for their movies or concerts and they also can earn a lot of money by participating in promotional campaigns for various products like sports clothing, IT technology and alcoholic drinks. Some famous people even endorse brands of cars or other products that they own. The emergence of the concept of celebrity can be attributed to a number of factors including changes in the way we live our lives, a decline in traditional religious institutions and mediatization of society. The modern celebrity culture is considered a product of the mass media because it has emerged as a result of the increase in the popularity of television and newspapers. Some people are more influenced by the lifestyle of celebrities than others. They might desire to become famous actors or singers. They think that famous people have a better life than other ordinary people. They might envy their achievements and the fact that they have lots of friends and fans. Moreover, they are more likely to be curious about the private life of celebrities and how they make their money. This is why many famous people try to keep their personal life secret. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to find out some details about the private life of celebrities. For example, some of them are rumored to have had a messy breakup or even had a baby out of wedlock. In addition, many celebrities are pictured naked and they are sometimes criticized for this. There are some celebrities who show that they can be role models for the average person by promoting ethical values and living decent lives. For example, some famous film stars and models such as Angelina Jolie have become well known for their charity work around the world. They have raised funds for people who suffer from poverty and help them in the aftermath of natural disasters. The negative aspects of celebrity can be minimized if we try to understand why people are so interested in these individuals and how they influence our culture. We need to educate our children about the negative impacts of the celebrity industry and we should encourage people to be more interested in a wide range of subjects rather than just celebrity gossip. We should also teach our children to appreciate people who have achieved something useful for the human race such as scientists and engineers, writers and authors or humanitarians.