Choosing a Hotel

A hotel is a managed building that provides accommodation, food, drink, and services to travelers and tourists on a short-term basis in exchange for payment. It may be located in a city, town, or resort and can vary in size, price range, amenities, services offered, and customer experience. Guests stay at hotels in order to have a comfortable place to sleep and spend time while on vacation. Hotels can also offer meeting space and other facilities for business or social functions. The word “hotel” comes from the Latin hotelius, which means a ‘hospitable place’. The hospitality industry developed from the service provided by innkeepers during the Middle Ages. Inns were places where travellers could find food and lodging, while the service they received was usually limited and uncomplicated. The development of hotels was encouraged by the growth of the railroad system and by the rise of steam-driven water and rail transportation. Hotels also proliferated along the advancing frontiers of settlement, where they were sited on inexpensive land close to railroad stations and other travel hubs. When choosing a hotel, it is important to consider its star rating. Each hotel has a different star rating, which is determined by the quality of its services and the amenities it offers. Hotels can be rated by independent organizations, government agencies, or the hotel operator itself. The ratings can help a potential customer decide where to stay, as well as what kind of room to book. In general, a four-star hotel will offer rooms that are clean and comfortable. The furniture will be modern, and the bathrooms will have a high-quality toilet and shower. Rooms may have a refrigerator, coffee or tea maker, microwave oven, and TV. The rooms will also have a safe for valuables, and a telephone with STD/ISD facilities. A room at this level will typically have a view of the hotel’s grounds. Five-star hotels are generally more luxurious and have more amenities. The furniture will be of a higher quality, and the rooms will have a better view. These hotels will often have a concierge and other special services for guests. They may have a spa or a gym, as well as restaurants and bars. Hotels that are rated six-star or above have a high-level of customer service and luxury accommodations. The staff is trained to be more specialized and friendly, and the hotel will have a wide variety of amenities available for its guests. These hotels are the top picks of Tripadvisor users, and they include luxury suites, villas, and other types of accommodation. There is even a hotel in Copenhagen that is swathed in Loro Piana fabrics and features uniforms designed by cult-Italian brand Giuliva Heritage. These are the best hotels in the world.