What is a Celebrity?

A celebrity is someone who has achieved a high level of fame, either for their good or bad public actions. Celebrities are usually famous in their respective fields and can include actors, singers, athletes, television and radio personalities, or even business leaders. A celebrity can be a positive influence on the public, but also can cause harm to society due to their status and wealth. The negative aspects of celebrities include a desire to maintain their status and wealth by engaging in questionable behavior, or even criminal activities. Celebrities have the potential to become self-absorbed, and can have a love/hate relationship with the media, which is the source of much of their attention. People may become famous in a variety of ways, such as their profession, appearances in the news or on television, or by committing a crime. Those who achieve fame in their field have the potential to become a celebrity, although it is often difficult for people to achieve this status unless they have exceptional talent or abilities. The cult of celebrity can be an enormous draw for people in the United States, and many individuals are heavily influenced by this culture. Individuals are often obsessed with the lifestyle of celebrities and believe that they can emulate them in some way. This can lead to substance abuse problems, unhealthy eating habits, weight gain, depression and other mental health issues. Celebrities are portrayed in a positive light when they win awards, but they are often criticized for their bad behavior and scandals. Often, the public has a love/hate relationship with celebrities and may resent them for their achievements or be in awe of their ability to do things that are beyond human capabilities. Many celebrities try to gain additional income through side businesses and endorsements in order to remain relevant to the public. The risk of these ventures is high, and many celebrities fail to succeed at them. Many of these side ventures are also extremely dangerous, such as drug dealing and prostitution. Using the celebrity to endorse products or services is an effective marketing tool, and it can also bring in new consumers. Choosing the right celebrity is vital, however, as they must be able to appeal to the target audience. Celebrities who appear on television programs and have a following can be excellent brand ambassadors for certain products. The use of celebrity endorsements is a common strategy for companies to increase their market share and sales. Using celebrity endorsements can boost consumer awareness and create an emotional connection between the product and the customer. A company will choose a celebrity to represent its brand based on their image, popularity, power and similarity of their public image with the company’s current or intended brand image. This can be done through magazines, talk shows, television commercials and other marketing venues. Many celebrities are well-known around the world, and their notoriety can help a product or service make a big splash in the marketplace.