What is a Celebrity?

A celebrity is a person who is famous and recognized for their accomplishments. People can become celebrities in a variety of ways, such as by becoming popular on television or in the music industry, or through their work as a public figure. A few celebrities have achieved fame by doing charitable work, and religious leaders can also be famous for their work. A person who is a celebrity has an enormous amount of influence in the community and is considered a public figure, especially when their actions are seen as controversial or shocking. These celebrities have the ability to make decisions that have a major impact on their fans, and the media often reports on these events. Many people are fascinated by celebrities, and are curious about what makes them so popular. While some people find them to be annoying, others love them and are able to connect with them on a deeper level. Celebrities are a very important part of American culture. They are a source of inspiration and motivation, as well as entertainment for millions of people around the world. The word celebrity came into English in the beginning of C15, from Latin celebritas meaning "fame." There are two early meanings recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). One of these is "observance of a ritual or special formality on an important occasion; pomp, ceremony," and the other is "the state of being famous, prominent, or popular." These are obsolete terms now but were used as late as the C19. In a more modern sense, celebrities are defined as "people who have gained a certain amount of publicity." This is an important distinction because it shows that there are different types of celebrity. Achieved celebrity refers to someone who became famous due to their talent and skill in their field, or for being a good person. These are usually actors and actresses, musical artists, and sports stars. Attributed celebrity is a term that describes someone who became famous due to their contributions to society or for being a good person, such as Mother Teresa and Desmond Tutu. This type of celebrity is also referred to as a public figure or political figure, and often includes celebrities that have been elected into public office. Some celebrities are so successful that they can earn huge amounts of money through their careers, while other celebrities are not as successful but are still viewed by the public as influential people. This is a significant difference because it can be difficult for the average person to gain the same level of popularity and recognition as a celebrity. There are also many celebrity gossip blogs and websites where fans can keep up with their favorite celebrities' personal lives. These sites also provide a means for celebrities to interact with their followers, giving them the opportunity to build relationships with fans and get feedback on their actions. Another positive aspect of celebrities is that they can help educate the public on many different issues. By talking about mental health, substance abuse, and other topics that have been taboo for a long time, celebrities can help dispel some of the stigma associated with these issues. This is a very important step in making sure that all Americans are able to access information about these issues and have the opportunity to receive help when needed.