What is a Celebrity?

A celebrity is someone who receives a great deal of attention and interest from the media and other people. They might be famous for being in movies, music, sports or other endeavors. They often have an entourage that accompanies them and protects them from the public. Celebrities can influence culture by their looks, lifestyles and ideas. They may even inspire trends that others follow. Celebrities can be positive or negative influences on society.

The first celebrities were politicians, actors, and athletes in what is now Europe. They were known for their talent and beauty. They could attract audiences to theaters and stadiums. They could also sell products through endorsements. The earliest of these people were probably not as well educated as the general population. This celebrity system was based on the cult of personality. The Frankfurt School analysis of this process is that the star stands in for the potential of the masses and the audience is encouraged to identify with the star.

Today, celebrities are more likely to be actors or singers who have television shows and movies. These stars might start on TV, such as Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney, and then move to the big screen when their characters are popular. Occasionally, they might be famous before they become a TV or movie star such as a model or politician who becomes a celebrity after they win the Miss Universe contest.

Celebrities are usually wealthy or have a lot of money because they get a great deal of attention from the media for their appearances and activities. They might be known for their philanthropic or charitable work, such as Angelina Jolie who has done extensive humanitarian work in places like Haiti and Uganda. Some celebrities are known for their negative actions such as Paris Hilton who gets attention from the media for her bad behavior and opulent lifestyle.

Some celebrities are interested in politics and want to influence their fans. During election years there is often a rise in celebrities taking on political roles such as encouraging people to vote. Others might focus on a specific issue such as Riverdale star Marisol Nichols who has been an advocate for child abuse prevention.

Some celebrities are known as “celebrity heirs” because they are wealthy descendants of a family that was prominent in the past. For example, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were members of celebrity dynasties that were known for their artistic achievements. Other examples are the various royal families, such as the House of Windsor, and the musical dynasties including the Barrymores (Joan and Shaun), Cassidys (David and Shaun), Jacksons and Rockefellers. In addition, some famous entrepreneurs are celebrities as they create successful companies that attract a large following on social media. These are called influencers. These are people who promote a particular product or brand and create a following for their content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other platforms. Many of them have millions of followers and fans.