What Exactly is a Celebrity?

Celebrity homes are all over the Internet. You will see celebrity homes listed in real estate magazines, on websites such as St Louis Fed, and in several travel brochures. The celebrity lived a large part of his/her life in a house that belonged to a celebrity. There were, however, several other celebrities in the group.


Most notably, there were several musicians who lived in or near the Hollywood area at one time. George Harrison and Roy Orbison lived in what is known as The Belmont Suite. The apartment was owned by Richard Nixon’s personal secretary and a film director. Their neighbors included actor Hal Ashmore and his wife Bonnie Hunter. The public fascination with celebrities began when they first appeared on television.

One celebrity who was a well known fixture on television for a long period of time was Oprah Winfrey. Her husband was producer Merikare had they not won the show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” the previous year they would have continued to be popular. She was well known for her strong views on social issues and she was known to have an extremely large following. When her show ended she decided to move into broadcasting, starting with a show called “The Rose Show.” Her husband produced and ran the show along with her. Her co-workers were considered to be her children.

Britney Spears was another well known celebrity who had a huge following. She was an extremely popular teenage pop star when she was a teenager. She became a major superstar when she went into music and recording. Music stars such as En Vogue, Britney Spears, Shakira, and Lil Kim were popular on the charts. All of these women enjoyed the same type of fame as Spears but theirs came with different expectations.

Other celebrities were not as lucky as Britney Spears. Some were unable to get their own television shows or movies. There are many famous celebrities who still struggle to find work in the television or movie industry. People have always looked up to television celebrities, even if they were not that well known.

Celebrities can become famous for many reasons. They could be athletes, musicians, actors, or models. Teenagers especially enjoy being in the limelight, which is what makes them celebrities. Successful celebrities can become well known because of their products, services, or charities. When celebrities are famous for something they do it can bring them fame, money, and more fame. In order to become a successful celebrity individuals need to do whatever it takes to become famous and achieve their goal.